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Fricktal - Schupfart Airfield - Switzerland - MSFS

Fricktal-Schupfart Airfield (ICAO code LSZI) is an airfield in the Aargau Fricktal. It is 545 meters above sea level and between the villages of Schupfart and Wegenstetten. I am sure you will enjoy a lot during approaching this airfield because the terrain level is always changing and you have to show your skills!

What to expect from AG Sim's Fricktal-Schupfart Airfield?

  • 3D Buildings created with details

  • 8K and PBR textures

  • Ground Texture renewed

  • Vegetation arrangement

  • Trailer park, glider trailers and static aircrafts, living atmosphere

  • Special details around the airfield

  • Accurate slope

  • Surrounding models

  • Fair price for everyone

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