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Microsoft Flight Simulator Screenshot 2022.01.15 -

Mollis Airfield - Switzerland - MSFS

Think an Airfield right in the Swiss Alps.. Business jets, VFR clubs, Air shows, Restaurants and Helicopter companies. Welcome to Mollis Airfield. It is famous with amazing air shows. Old military base in the Glarus Alps now serving publicly with amazing location, impossible approaches and complete nature..


Why you should buy?

  • 3D Buildings created with details

  • 8192x8192 textures

  • Ground texture renewed

  • Vegetation around airfield

  • 4 season compatible

  • Open Hangars

  • Glider Hangar

  • Animated windsock

  • Accurate slope

  • Glorious Night lightning

  • Helipads

  • Accurate Ground and Traffic Signs

  • Fair price for everyone

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